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About Katherine Morgan

Katherine Morgan has a long history in multiple artistic fields of expression. She was trained formally in the 1960s in the fine arts as a concert pianist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was privileged to have studied privately with Harry Franklin (PA) and Olga Heifetz (NY). After Senior Arts & Design Editor, Feature Story writer and Assistant Photographer for a Latin Publication in 1990, she became a Fine Artist agent in 1994. Ms. Morgan arranged the distribution of works to private collectors as well as gallery exhibitions in "ARTSERVE" in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the "Addison Gallery" in Boca Raton, Florida.

Sharpening her ability with the camera, Ms Morgan discovered that her passion for photography grew into a powerful vehicle for self-expression. She developed this skill as a technical device to record and catalog extensive projects for her design firm, IDI.

A few exhibitions include the Morikami Museum, Bass Museum in Miami, Florida and Palm Beach Photographic Center. Her winning exhibitions include: CFA100 Carnegie Mellon University and remains in the Regina Gouger Miller Gallery (PA) for CMU’s celebrated 100 years milestone; ARTS Biennial in the Nathan Rosen Museum Gallery in Boca Raton; Palm Beach Photographic Center awarded “…cooperation” INFOCUS, BEST IN SHOW in HORTT45 at ARTSERVE; Salon des Refusees Broward Art Guild; Boca Raton Museum of Art 56th Annual ALL Florida Juried Competition & Exhibition; Cornell Museum, in Delray, FL; COMMA Gallery, Orlando FL; Aquarian Age Gallery in Boca Raton; and in the NEW YORK TIMES “Abstracts”. She won HONORABLE MENTION in the Artist’s Guild’s juried exhibition Biennial, Boca Raton Museum of Art. ART ENCOUNTER at The von Liebig Center for the Arts in Naples, FL.

Ms. Morgan has been published frequently, both nationally and internationally. She has been spotlighted in BOCA RATON NEWS “SOCIETY AND THE ARTS,” 2ND PLACE “Contemporary American Artists,” 1ST PLACE Best of American Photographic “Artists & Artisans” 1ST PLACE IMAGES GALLERY, BOCA RATON, and BOCA RATON MUSEUM OF ART MERIT AWARD WINNER 2011.


2014 Sandler Arts Center Juried exhibition “Artist’s Perspectives”

2014 Upstream People Gallery “15th Annual Photography Juried International Art Exhibition,” Worldwide

2014 Nathan D. Rosen Gallery “Art 2014” Biennial Competition, Boca Raton, FL

2013 Women in the Visual Arts’ “Creative Dimensions II” Exhibition, First Place, Photography, Delray Beach, FL (Jan-Mar)

2012 Santa Barbara Country Club “Members Only” Art Exhibition, Boca Raton, FL 2012 The von Liebig Center for the Arts “Camera USA” Naples, FL (Jun-Aug)

2012 New York “On the Ave” juried exhibition, Delray Beach FL

2011 The Boca Raton Museum of art – The Art School Juried Photography exhibition. Merit Award winner, Trumpets, Boca Raton, FL

2010 Boca Home Gallery One Woman Show, Boca Raton, FL

2009 Art in Public Places of Palm Beach County “Abso-bloomin’-lutely” Palm Beach International Airport, FL (June-Sept)

2009 Naples Art Association “Seeing the light” in Physician’s Medical Center Gallery Naples, FL (May-Sept) 2009 National Art Encounter

2009 juried group exhibition throughout The von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL (May-July)

2009 Boca Raton Museum of Art Artists’ Guild exhibitions Juror’s recognition “TWISTED” Delray Beach, FL (March-May)

2009 Art Expressions Gallery “Aperture Eight ” Wilton Manors, FL (March-April)

2008 Images Gallery “Boca Raton Museum Guild juried Place (Boca Raton, FL)

2008 Nathan Rosen Museum Gallery “ART BIENNIAL” juried (Boca Raton,FL)

2008 The von Liebig Center for the Arts “ART ENCOUNTER 2008” Naples, FL

2008” Boca Raton Museum of Art “Biennial 2008” juried HM(Boca Raton , FL)

2008 Neocon International Trade Exhibition Chicago Ill.

2008 New York Expo Jacob Javits Center New York City,NY (February, March)

2008 New York Times Abstracts:Singular & Plural, juried Artful Gardens (Jan)

2007 Images Gallery Boca Raton Museum Guild juried 1st Place (Boca Raton, FL)

2007 Aquarian Age Gallery Sepia Silver Sand and Sculpture 4 women show

2007 Comma Gallery, juried Fotofest 2007 Orlando FL (December)

2007 International IHMRS Javits Center NYC, NY

2007 Aquarian Age Gallery “Third Eye Vision” Boca Raton, FL

2007 Images Gallery, Boca Raton Museum Guild 2nd place Boca Raton, FL

2007 Las Vegas Art Expo Las Vegas, Nevada (September)

2007 NEOCON International Trade Exhibition Chicago Ill. (June)

2007 Images Gallery Boca Raton Museum Guild juried 1st place (Boca Raton, FL)

2007 Boca Raton Museum of Art 56TH ANNUAL ALL FLORIDA JURIED COMPETITION & EXHIBITION Boca Raton, FL (June ,July, August)

2007 Meyerhoefer Gallery Fine art Gallery exhibition “CAPTURE” May, Lake Worth, FL

2007 Upstream People Gallery 9th Annual International Juried Exhibition

2007 Women in the Visual Arts “Spring” honors for “locked out Boca Raton, FL

2007 5th International Symposium of Interactive Media Design Exhibition, Professor Emin Dogan Aydin, judge, Istanbul, Turkey

2007 Broken Sound Annual Fine Art Exhibition group show “…Elements” wins First Place Juror was George Bolge The Executive Director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL

2007 Aquarian Age “Artistic Journey” featuring nature works, Boca Raton, FL

2007 Coral Springs Center for the Arts and Museum 10th Annual Boca Raton Museum Guild Juried Exhibition hosted “Party Animal” “Pretty in Pink” February, Coral Springs, FL

2007 WITVA, Inc. (Women in the Visual Arts) Honorable Mention “…trumpets” “Courtyard” Open Juried Art Show, Boca Raton, FL

2007 New York Times“…Elements” wins FIRST PLACE Journeys 2 Show “Dwell in Possibilities” a NYT National Arts & Leisure juried exhibition Artful Gardens Mini Museum. The distinguished Judge was artist Jennifer Meyers-Kirton and COMMA Gallery owner Karen Carasik

2007 UNCOMMON GALLERY l Ms Morgan’s works in “FLOWER POWER”. Openings are held on 12th of January and the 9th of February. Held over through March. Opening reception March 9, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2006 Boca Raton Museum Guild Winter Open (Nov 13 – Jan. 5) Boca Raton, FL

2006 Cornell Museum Women in the Visual Arts changing seasons exhibition “seasons” and “trumpets” (Nov 2, through Jan 14, 2007) Delray Beach FL 2006 AQUARIAN AGE solo exhibition opening December 2, 2006 Boca Raton, FL

2006 Boca Raton Museum of Art–The Artists’ Guild “blue moves” exhibition (October 5 – November 6) Boca Raton. FL

2006 The Parker Playhouse Fine Art Gallery Opening Season (September 21 – November 17) Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2006 Boca Raton Museum of Art – The Artists’ Guild 21st Annual Juried Art Exhibition “Boca Festival Days” featuring “…shutters” (July 31 to September 8, 2006)

2006 HORTT45 “…cooperation” BEST in SHOW in photography Juror/Tom Mcpherson (June 10, 2006)

2006 Salon des Refusees, HORTT45’s sister exhibition of Broward Artist Guild, “…minor adjustments” won a “People’s Choice” award (June 17, 2006).

2006 Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursdays HEAVY METAL “…cargo” and “…teapot” in juried exhibition Orlando, FL (June 2006)

2006 INFOCUS 10th exhibition Palm Beach Photographic Museum, Gene Arant / juror selects “…cooperation” for a distinctive merit award in Delray Beach, FL (June 9–August 5, 2006)

2006 ACS Art Center Sarasota 3rd Annual Photographic Exhibition “…nosey” 2nd place (May-2006) 2006 International Image Festival Chavez, Portugal (May 2006)

2006 “Best of Artists and Artisans of Florida 2006” 2nd place award …“Nosey” Plus an Honorable Mention to “…blossoms”.

2006 Upstream People Gallery 8th Contemporary Art International Juried Exhibition Honorable mention “…party animal” and “…pretty in pink” (May 1, 2006 – April 30, 2007)

2006 Royal Palm Place Gallery WITVA, Inc. (Women in the Visual Arts) hosts “Swing into Spring” Juried Art Show “…SORI” (1996) wins 2nd Place Boca Raton, FL (March 2006)

2006 Broken Sound “Love Match” auction benefiting Programs “Volunteers for the Homebound and Family Caregivers, Inc, and Caregiving Youth Project sponsored by FAU Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL (April 2, 2006)

2006 Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery “ART 2006” Biennial juried exhibition Bruce Helander: Juror, Artist, ” (Boca Raton, FL)

2006 BREAKTHROUGH National juried exhibition places “…untitled” in Broward University’s FINE ARTS GALLERY Juror/ Kenneth A. Huff (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) (March 9, 2006)

2006 Broken Sound Member Group Exhibition, Best in Show “…cooperation” Juror/ George Bolge, Executive Director, Boca Raton Museum of Art Boca Raton, FL (March 5, 2006)

2006 CMU Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Centennial Juried Exhibition College of Fine Arts Regina Gouger Miller Gallery “…minor adjustments” Pittsburgh, PA (Jan 20, 2006)

2006 “Parallels 2006 Journeys” New York Times Art Show juried group exhibition “… cooperation”, “The Best in Show” Tampa, FL (Jan 6, 2006)

2006 International Library of Photography “no peeking”, “…minor adjustments”

2005 Bass Museum of Art Gertrude Muss Silverstone Gallery “… minor adjustments”, Miami FL (2005)

2005 Community Foundation of the Palm Beaches 2nd Place Winner Faces in Our Community juried Exhibition “nosey”, “…minor adjustments”, “…cooperation” jurors: Peter Cross, Palm Beach Post photo editor Fatima Nejame, Director/founder, Palm Beach Photographic Center, West Palm Beach, FL (2005)

2005 The Palm Beach Post, FL "…Coleus” Nature competition (2005)

2005 Mounts Botanical Gardens 1st Annual Juried Competition & Exhibition ”…Angel Power” West Palm Beach, FL (2005)

2005 Morikami Museum Hatsume Exposition “Blanche”, “White Lily on Black” Delray Beach, FL (2005)

2005 INFOCUS 9th Palm Beach Photographic Annual Juried Exhibitions “…no peeking” Delray Beach, FL (June 2005)

2004 Morikami Museum Hatsume Exposition Delray Beach, FL (2004)

2004 INFOCUS 8th Annual Palm Beach Photographic juried exhibition “…minor adjustments” Delray Beach, FL

2003 Morikami Museum Hatsume Exposition in Delray Beach, FL

1995 S. Florida Theater of the Deaf Art Exhibitions at Artserve “Retrospective 52” Ft Laud, FL (1995)

1995 Harid Institute of Fine Art Group Show, Boca Raton, FL

1995 Eye of the Lizard "Les Girls" Four Women Artists “Nature Series” Gallery Vero Beach, FL (1995-6)

1995 Williams Island "Art and Jazz on the Island Exhibition” Aventura FL (1995-6)

1995 Judith Sexton Gallery Vero Beach, FL "Animal Series”

1995 Stendahl Gallery “Ten Columbian Artists” NY, NY

1995 Broken Sound "Multi-Artist Show" Boca Raton, FL

1994 Portfolio Fine Arts Group Fort Lauderdale, FL (1994, 1995)

1992 Steiner Gallery "Nature Series" Bal Harbour, FL (1992, 1993)

1990 International Designs Inc. (1990, 1992, 1993)

1990 Product for North American Market, a la cucina, s.p.a., Milan, Italy

1985 Design product “Stone Series” for Cerim, s.p.a., Bologna, Italy


2008 Boca Raton News Society and the Arts 5.9.08

2008 Sun Sentinel “yoga series I” Miami FL 5.4.08

2008 Artist’s Registry News profiled “2008 Art Encounter” Naples FL 5.6.08

2008 Carnegie Mellon University ARTSCAN alumni international news

2007 April,May, June, July/ 2008 January, March, April, May

2007 Artist’s Registry News profiled “ in the spotlight” 6.3.07

2007 Best of American Photography 2007 ‘at the dock’ & ‘nosey’

2007 Forum Publications, Boca Raton, Delray, Boynton Beach “BOCA RATON PHOTOGRAPHER CAPTURES LIFE” 5.23

2007 South Florida Lifestyles and Entertainment news profile “take2” May

2007 THE GUILD: Artful Home Catalogs and Website

2007 The New Times Meyerhoefer “CAPTURE” Photographic Exhibition May-June


2007 (Barnes & Noble) “Trumpets” for August

2007 Publication 2007 Boca Club News issues February, March, April, May, June featuring award winning works and monthly article featuring Morgan’s Gourmet photographs.

2007 Boca/Delray Magazine 1st place award for “Elements”

2007 Carnegie Mellon University ARTSCAN April alumni international news

2007 Women in the Visual Arts Magazine for ”Trumpets’’ a HONORS In the all media juried exhibition in the Courtyard Gallery Florida …Jan 27

2007 Boca Raton News Society and the Arts column New York Times First Place to “Elements…” (January 21, 2007)

2007 Boca Club News features two page spotlight story on featuring Ms Morgan, her husband, Dr. Marvin Krause entitled “People Worth Knowing…” biographical (January issue)

2007 ARTSCAN JANUARY. Carnegie Mellon University Alumni exhibition announcements New York Times-“Elements” First Place “ Journeys II”

2006 “Best of Artists and Artisans of Florida 2006”

2006 AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR SOUTHEAST (Barnes & Noble) “Blanche” August

2006 Publication 2006 ARTSCAN Carnegie Mellon University Alumni News (Nov & Dec)

2006 Boca Raton News Art Around Town- Ms Morgan is profiled in the Society & the Arts on Dec. 17th 2006 in the Sunday news.

2006 Palm Beach Post – Aquarian Age Artist Solo Show in Dec. “A Must See” (July 8, 2006)

2006 ARTSCAN December Carnegie Mellon University monthly alumni

2006 New Times “Elements” (December 2006) Fort Lauderdale, FL

2006 Palm Beach Post - local artists “Artist looks….and also sees” Nov.26

2006 Palm Beach Homes & Lifestyles premiere issue, “Angel Power”

2006 Mounts Botanical Gardens Magazine featured “Angel Power” &”Ginger” West Palm Beach, FL (winter issues 2006 and winter 2007)

2006 ARTSCAN November Carnegie Mellon University alumni monthly

2006 Palm Beach Post Discover Local Artist (November 26, 2006)

2006 AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR SOUTHEAST featuring “…blanche”

2006 Boca Raton Observer Northern Exposure: Winners of the INFOCUS Palm Beach Photographic Center Delray Beach, FL (August)

2006 Palm Beach Post Local Artist’s Vivid Viewpoints INFOCUS Winners (August)

2006 Artist Registry Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artists’ Guild 21st Annual Juried Exhibition “Boca Festival Days” New Media “...shutters” (July 31, 2006)

2006 Artists Registry News “Aquarian Age Solo Show Photographic Expression” (July 12, 2006)

2006 EastSider East HORTT45 Best in Show Fort Lauderdale. 6.22.06

2006 Fort Lauderdale East Salon des Refusees Peoples Choice(June 21, 2006)

2006 Boca Raton News (Arts) Hortt45 Best in Show (June 17, 2006)

2006 Artist’s Registry BEST IN SHOW for photography HORTT45 (June 2006)

2006 Artist’s Registry OMA Orlando Museum of Art HEAVY METAL (June 2006)

2006 The Boca Raton News Arts & Entertainment (May 26-27 2006)

2006 Woman in the Visual Arts WITVA “ SORI” won 2nd place award Recognized in the monthly catalogue in Boca Raton, FL (April 2006)

2006 Best of Artists & Artisans of Florida in 2006, Barnes & Noble “..nosey’ wins 2nd place and a merit award for “…blossoms”

2006 Palm Beach Post Local Artist’s Vivid Viewpoints Infocus winner (July)

2006 Boca Delray Life - cityscene: Talent Abounds Best in Show “…cooperation” (May)

2006 Broken Sound Magazine featured “…cooperation” “Best in Show” Boca Raton, FL (March-April issue)

2006 London Photographic “…minor adjustments” London, England (March)

2006 New York Times “Parallels

2006 Journeys” “Best in Show” juried competition, honored “…cooperation” with (January)

2006 Carnegie Mellon International CFA100 catalog presents alumni of the College of Fine Arts in 100% Centennial (January)

2006 Mounts Botanical Gardens Magazine featured “Candle Fruit Tree” West Palm Beach, FL (winter issue)

2005 The Palm Beach Post Award for “…cooperation” Palm Beach, FL (October)

2005 South Florida’s Arts Entertainment News & Views “…minor adjustments” Bass Museum debut Miami (October)

2005 The Palm Beach Post, FL “Coleus”

2004 Carnegie Mellon Today Quarterly Alumni Feature Biography (June)

2004 The Palm Beach Post, FL featured “…minor adjustments”

2004 Who’s Who in Photography Collection, “…minor adjustments”

1998 L’Alliance Française Portfolio Fine Arts Gallery Opening Reception Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1997 Mainieri L’art Latin American Art Association for artist Armando Valero

1996 Osmus Magazine Paloma Picasso, Tile Style South & Central America

1996 About Town “Art Agents in Palm Beach”. Boca Raton, FL

1995 Focus 1995 Magazine of the Palm Beaches “Opens Season” Palm Beach, FL

1995 Boca Raton News, Morgan in Vero Beach, FL

1995 El Heraldo, “God Bless America” ARTSERVE Exhibition, Miami, FL

1995 Miami Herald, “Retrospective” ARTSERVE Exhibition, Miami, FL

1990 L’Ambiente, “a la cucine usa”, Milan, Italy (February)

1989 Interior Design Magazine, cover story USA (April)

1988 Boca Raton Magazine, FL “On International Design” cover story


FAA Florida Arts Association 2008

CMU Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Association 1967- 2008

The von Liebig Arts Center (Naples, FL) 2008 -

PBCCC Palm Beach County Cultural Council(Palm Beach FL) 2003 - 2008

CMU's public art project, Campus Conversations Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2007 - 2008

Community Foundation of the Palm Beaches 2003 - 2008

Boca Raton Museum of Art Artist Guild Signature 2005 - 2008

Boca Raton Museum of Art (Boca Raton, FL) 2004 - 2008

Norton Museum of Art, (West Palm Beach, FL) 2006 - 2008

APBC Artists of Palm Beach County Founding Member 2005 - 2008

Museum of Women in the Arts (Wash, DC) 2006 - 2008

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (NY, NY) 2000 - 2008

PCPB Photographic Center of the Palm Beaches 1995 - 2008

WITVA, Inc Women in the Visual Arts (Board of Directors) 2006 - 2008

International Artist’s Registry 2006 - 2008

London Photographic Awards 2006 - 2007

PPA (Professional Photographers Association) 2004 - 2007

Mounts Botanical Gardens & Museum (West Palm Beach, FL) 2004 - 2007

NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) 2000 - 2007

Morikami Gardens and Museum (Delray FL) 1993 - 2007

NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) 1993 - 2000

ITFSF (Information Technology Forum of South Florida) 1993 - 1995

Symphony of the Americas Board of Directors 1994 - 1998

Fort Lauderdale, FL A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers) 1994 - 1998

Industry Foundation Member Osmus Latin American Publications 1994 - 1997

Senior Arts & Design Editor SFBN South Florida Business Network 1993 - 1996

CTDA Ceramic Tile Distributors Association 1995

National Competition Judge for Architectural Digest FAU (Florida Atlantic University) Designer’s Advisory Board 1991 - 1994

IDI (International Designs, Inc.) Vice-President 1975 - 1994

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