As a photographer, I strive to evoke my freedom to observe. I select images that embrace me with a touch of beauty, history, emotion, intrigue, serenity or whimsy.

Initially trained as a concert pianist, I have worked to turn my lifelong passion for photography into a powerful visual statement. My inspiration began in the field. From the moment I discovered a beautiful flowering cactus or noticed the fine interior detail of a Protea flower, the final image begins to take form. Working with a digital camera I explore tiny details of the natural world.

Each photograph begins with light, composition, and color. I capture hidden images that are present in nature, as they exist. The true essence of photography lies beyond pure sight, it goes much deeper into the soul, past everything known as “color and form”. When the “click” is right nature is seen from this deeper place within my being. I then bring them into the digital darkroom to transform them into the unique photographic world. So in that split second, I feel I have created the perfect image.

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